We won’t be adding a contract on the assassination of Mt.Gox CEO

Mark Karpeles

The week has been full of drama around Mt.Gox insolvency. A lot of Bitcoin investors have lost money as a result of Mt.Gox bankrupcy. This could have been the result of incompetence on Mt.Gox’s side, some also suspect malicious insider activity. The truth however is that the details are still unclear. The least we can say is that Mt.Gox’s CEO┬áMark Karpeles is quite unpopular at the moment.

We have received many contract suggestions around those events, and added some of them (such as “Mt.Gox to become insolvent“, “Price of Bitcoin on Mt.Gox” ), however the one that we will not add is a contract predicting the death of Mt.Gox’s CEO. We have strong ethics and we will not let Predictious become an assassination market. An assassination market is essentially a prediction market where the markets would be predicting the death of public figures. People can then bet large sums of money on the person not dying, which then gives an incentive for shady people to buy the opposite side (the person is going to die), and find a way or another to make it happen.

We continue to accept market suggestions, you can read our guidelines and submit them here.

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